Owning a top motorbike brand is a prestigious thing. In today’s society, people are preferring motorcycles because of their efficiency. Bikes vary in price and also engine capacity according to their brands. There are popular motorcycle brands that everyone is going for. They have high efficiency, and they are also durable. Some of these top brands include the following.


Yamaha motorcycles are some of the best you can find. The motorcycle company has the world’s second-largest sales. Yamaha makes sports bikes, adventure bikes, touring bikes and dual-purpose bikes. Some of the popular brands include Yamaha Zuma 125, Yamaha XSR700, and Yamaha TW200 among others. Their bikes have good speed and also last for a long when well maintained.


Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle companies in the world. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan, and it is the largest manufacturer of bikes. Some of the models made by this company include Gold Wing, CRF and CBR. They make dirt, speed and also sportbikes. Some specific models include Honda PCX 150, which is the latest model.


Ducati is an Italian company owned by Audi which is a German automotive manufacturer. They make high-end motorcycles with the help of modern technology. Some unique Ducati bikes include Ducati Panigale V4, Ducati Panigale V4S, and Ducati Monster 1200R among others.


Kawasaki is a famous motorcycle making company based in Japan. It makes high-performance bikes for different uses. Some are used for racing, others for touring and some are built as commuter bikes. In 2020, acquiring a Kawasaki bike is a great deal due to their quality. The company’s tag line is ‘let the good times roll’, and they sure live up to it. Some of the Kawasaki models include 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS, 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS KRT Edition and 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS.