Biker forums are essential for bikers since they are platforms where they can get ideas and current trends in the motorbike sector. People share opinions and views on such platforms. Australia is a country where people have embraced biking. These people have come up with online forums where they can do their things in common. Some of the forums you can check out include the following.


Netrider is an online platform where you can check out any information concerning biking. Here you will find information such as bike reviews, news, upcoming riding events and various bike discussions. The online platform is for Australian bikers, but foreigners can also check it out for information. On this platform, you can get information on where to acquire a bike, whether new or pre-owned. On some rare occasion, members go off biking discussion and talk about other fun stuff like playing games. It is available on most social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Aussie Street Bikes

The Aussie Street Bikes is an online forum in Australia meant for bikers. Various discussions take place here. The platform has a membership of about 11,000 members. On this platform, you will find items such as races and bike stunts, bike maintenance routines, riding technology and modifications, among others.

HD Forums Australia

It is an Australian biking platform with quite a high membership. If you have any queries or want to participate in any motorcycle discussion, you can join this forum. Members of this forum are well acquainted with laws concerning biking in Australia since it is part of the debate held here.

Dirt Bike World

The Dirt Bike World is a forum specifically for dirt bike riders in Australia. If you are a dirt bike enthusiast, you can enrol for membership online, and you will be conversant with all information about dirt bikes in the country. Information such as stolen bikes, biker’s wellbeing and fitness is found here.